Temporary Structure

Temporary Structure in Skeleton Coast Concession

The architect was approached by the Wilderness Lodge group to assist with a Tender for a concession for the Skeleton Coast concession in North Western Namibia, on the coast. The concession area is extremely sensitive and fragile and part of the terms of reference for the tender was that all structures in the concession area was to be completely demountable and remove-able within 60 days. Wilderness Safaris was the successful current concession holder and was managing a successful lodge in the south of the concession near the Khumib river. The lodge was the first recipient of a 5 Flower Namibia eco award rating in Namibia. The tender proposed retaining the Khumib river lodge with minor upgrades, and then further developing another similar lodge on the Munutum river to the north of the concession area. The design for the new lodge include the broad principles of a tented camp employed in the existing lodge, but the new lodge’s design has been adjusted to better reflect the natural surrounding in which it is placed. The tented roof structures have been altered to emulate the shapes of the sand dunes behind the buildings and the colours of the canvas will be more in keeping with that of the surrounding sand dunes.

Total dismantling and removal time would only be thirty days, allowing a further month for the site to settle into an undisturbed state. As such, the Architect provided designs for the new guest tents, staff housing and reception/dining and kitchen unit, as well as staff kitchen, lounge, storage, and workshop containers. Insulation, solar water heating and photovoltaic panels ensure sustainable servicing of the units, while the open support foundation structures and natural stone framed sand paths touch the landscape lightly and ensure no marks are left behind once the lodge become unnecessary or need to move.

Unfortunately the tender was not allocated to Wilderness Safaris and the project will thus not be realised.


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Skeleton Coast Conservatory, Namibia

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Wilderness Safari Lodge

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