Onangolo PHC Clinic & Staff Flats

Primary Health Care Facilities


Onangolo PHC Clinic & Staff Flats

Primary Health Care Facilities


Onangolo PHC Clinic & Staff Flats

Primary Health Care Facilities

Health- Munting Rechholtz Architects

The erection of a new clinic building

Onangolo village is located 33km South-East of Eenhana, close to the Angolan border. The village was reachable only by 4×4 vehicle on a very sandy road. It is located within a densely forested part of Ohangwena region next to an Oshana. The inhabitants live in small farming compounds between the trees and around the Oshana. An existing clinic building, still in reasonably neat condition consisted of only three rooms. No staff housing was provided and pit-latrines in a bad state of disrepair constituted the only toilet facilities. The clinic could not adequately provide in the needs of the community and the lack of staff housing limited potential for staffing the facility. A complete new clinic was programmed with staff housing for three nurses.

The climate of Onangolo is hot to very hot (average 34-36 Deg Celsius in summer) with mild winters (min 8-10 Deg Celsius). The area is very humid in summer, with the highest rainfall rates in Namibia for the summer period. The site is located in the Cuvelai drainage area and each summer the “Oshanas” flood with water from Angola that ultimately drain into the Etosha pan. The flooding of the Oshanas had in the past caused difficulty with access to the clinic. The construction of a new 7km long gravel access road as part of the contract eliminated this problem. The site has many large indigenous trees that were retained. An additional 40 trees were planted to supplement the existing stock and provide shaded outside social areas for the staff and the public parking.

The clinic design concentrated on maximizing airflow through the building to allow for passive cooling breezes in high summer temperatures. Large louvre grids above the doors and on high level in the passage ensure natural airflow from the consulting rooms into the passage space and out through the clerestory windows, providing passive ventilation cooling throughout the building. No air-conditioning is required, besides the HIV Rapid testing and Pharmacy rooms. A large open veranda at the northern entrance of the clinic serves as the main waiting space. Interior waiting areas are limited to a small waiting area at the reception and benches in the passage in front of the consulting rooms. The roof over the passage is split to provide large open-able south facing clerestory windows. These supply abundant natural light into the wide passage. Long overhangs to the north and south of the buildings ensure effective solar shading over the windows.

Health - Munting Rechholtz Architects
Health- Munting Rechholtz Architects

The walls were clad in Namibian slate tiles up to a dado height of 1,2m above the plinth. The slate blends in well with the colours of the surrounding bush and ensures a hardwearing, maintenance free finish that will not show dirt and grime associated with long-term use. The walls above is painted in a cheerful welcoming light yellow colour that picks up on the greens of the leaves in the forest. The colour has proven to be so popular with the Ministry of Health in Ohangwena, that it was decided to standardize all new clinics in the region to this. The inside of the buildings remain light by the use of an off-white interior colour and lightly coloured tiles on the floors and walls. Dark brown grey colours for steel and doors provide accents.

The new staff-housing block is located to the south of the site in a more private location. The verandas of the staff-housing overlook the Oshana and creates a restful scene for the staff to relax after work.

Project Details


Onangolo, Eenhana district, Ohangwena Region, Namibia

Client Name

Ministry of Works and Transport
DOW: Ministry of Health and Social Services

Civil, Structural Engineer

Engelbrecht Consulting Engineers

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

EMCON Consulting Engineers

Quantity Surveyors

Buhr, Fouche & Partners QS


Amupolo Construction

Project Value

N$ 8.4 million




Markus Weiss

Health- Munting Rechholtz Architects