Karen Munting

Karen Munting Ethos

Architecture school does not only teach us the basics of design and construction of buildings, but immerses its students in a broad based education that touches on all aspects of life, including philosophy, the arts and the joys of rational thinking. We architects emerge from our education with a wide range of interests in all aspects of life, and eagerness to explore new boundaries and make a difference to the living environment of all that come to utilise our built creations. We are essentially all idealists at heart as we start our professional careers. To remain passionate about what one does in the face of the realities of the economy that one operates in, it is important to focus on that which makes the practice of architecture worthwhile. For me that means to make a difference to the lives of the people and broader community that occupy the buildings I design. Our company’s work is an expression of this principle.

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Why I love what I do

My passion for things “green” had already started at university, with my design thesis focusing on an integrated approach to design and energy use, based on the principles of permaculture. Throughout my career I have expanded my education by regular attendance of courses and seminars on the subjects of sustainability. I very much enjoy the “softer” green aspects of landscaping and the design and integration of nature into my buildings and site design is as important as the building itself. I am a member of the Namibia Botanical Society and remain committed to increasing my knowledge of our local indigenous plants by regular attendance of botanical walks and seminars. This helps a lot when one is deciding on how to landscape, especially in the more remote areas of our country. Namibia has a very diverse and varied floristic landscape, which lends itself to interesting landscaping solutions in the different regions of the country.

Karen Munting

Other Interests

I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and two children. We are a lively, active family who enjoy a wide variety of sports activities, outdoor adventures and travelling. We have explored many of the remote parts of Namibia and also travel abroad to Europe and beyond to broaden our horizons. I enjoy participating in endurance sports, with my main focus participating in off-road ultra running events such as the Sky Run in the Drakensberg and the Namaqua Quest in the Richtersveld. When at home relaxing, I enjoy reading and gardening.

I am a proud member of the GreenBuilding council of South Africa

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