Munting Rechholtz Architects is a small architecture practice based in Windhoek, Namibia. We started out in 2003 as Karen Munting Architect Sole Proprietor; and from small beginnings we have grown to a comfortably sized practice. Mark Rechholtz has been part of the business now for over 7 years, and we decided in 2016 that he was ready to become part of the management team. The dynamic staff at Munting Rechholtz Architects is vibrant and creative, and of diverse backgrounds. Our personalised, hands-on service can provide the design expertise to realise a variety of building types.


Our projects have included the design of clinics, schools, health centres, offices, a variety of residential houses and even a diamond cutting warehouse! We believe in providing excellent service to our customers irrespective of the scale of the project and strive to ensure that buildings designed by our firm improve the quality of all occupants’ living and working environments. This implies inter alia that our buildings are designed in an environmentally responsive manner, whilst ensuring that realistic budgetary constraints are adhered to. Our firm is capable of assisting with the full range of architects’ services and can also assist with aspects of urban design and master planning, the compilation of feasibility studies, passive design projects, and indigenous Namibian landscape and garden design. A combination of CAD, 3D modelling and rendering software is used to complete our work. To this end we continue to educate ourselves further in the latest technology and developments in these fields in order to remain current and relevant.

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We strive to ensure that our work treads lightly on the land, thus preserving natural and development potential for future generations. We like to interact personally with our clients on a regular basis, and thus are happy to remain relatively small to enable us to take the time to understand the needs of our clients. Thanks to a shared love of good coffee, the aroma of freshly brewed foamy espresso may also tempt you to visit our office for some design inspiration or at the very least an enlightening discussion!

About Munting Rechholtz Architects Office


To remain abreast with advances in design philosophy, we encourage our staff to further educate themselves in terms of current technology and professional development. We promote regional and international education, exploration and affiliations to ensure the firm does not stagnate as a consequence of the relative isolation of the Namibian context.


Munting Rechholtz Architects firmly believes in the development of the company’s Namibian employees, by encouraging the attendance of seminars and courses, both architecture-related and other soft skills development courses. Several sponsorships have been offered to employees, to grant them the opportunity to pursue a course that will not only provide them with a skill that they can use to contribute to their work in the office, but more importantly, to empower them in the future with the knowledge and skill thus gained. We also offer a bursary every year to a deserving young Namibian student who wishes to pursue his education in the field of architecture. To this end we have provided sponsorships for studies to students at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as well as the Namibia University of Science and Technology. We also support students by providing internships for their practical work experience requirements. Both partners have been involved at the local Namibia University of Science and Technology, by acting as guest lecturers during the exam period.